Trimming facial hair & beards

Men are definitely living in a grooming era where facial hair is well sought for being trendy and desirable, playing a big role in their overall appearance and look so stellar trimming is a must! Women have even crowned men with stubble more attractive than clean shaven men.

Whatever your facial hair preference is – whether you are aiming to grow the wildest beard at the office or you dig the edgy, manly, rugged look and feel of stubble, keeping it tame by trimming it is very important. No one wants a beard that begins to resemble a caveman or stubble that starts to look scruffy and rough, drawing attention to your face for the wrong reasons. Trimming both your beard and stubble at home is much more convenient than trying to fit a visit to your barbershop every day, after all most of us tend to lead busy schedules.

It is no surprise to hear that beards have become a bit like a grooming movement! Men are experimenting more and more with different styles and shapes. They make a very powerful appearance on a man’s face. Beard maintenance takes some hard work, especially if you have a long beard and can require some detailed grooming work.

Many men see it as a chore but with some simple tips from our LSB lead educator Pavlos at London School of Barbering, it doesn’t have to be the biggest chore in your life....

  • Making a visit to your barbers every 2 – 3 weeks so your beard is kept in shape and it doesn’t get to a bad state where it looks overgrown and becomes patchy in places. Reshaping it every 2-3 weeks will give you a top notch beard that will turn heads!
  • Shampooing and conditioning your long beard at home is a must, this helps keep it strong and healthy looking while helping it to grow better. It is also important to protect your beard from smelling.
    Applying oil onto your long beard will ensure it looks fresh and not dry. Applying oil is needed as the natural oils on your face won’t reach the whole length of your full beard.
  • Shape around your cheeks with a razor so it is touched up and doesn’t look bushy while being out proportion on your face.
  • If you have a one all over length beard, you can trim it down with a clippers.

If you are sporting stubble for that bit of a badass boy vibe or for more of a seriously handsome and masculine look, taming it is essential! Stubble is notoriously known to look effortless but it requires some effort for it look like you don’t do much to it. Here is Pavlos’s tips on how to keep your stubble looking super sharp and effortless.....

  • Shampoos and oils are not needed for stubble.
  • Trimming it once to twice per week will keep it fresh, sharp but at the same time effortless.
  • Begin cutting your stubble down by using clippers going down in size until you reach the length you are happy with.
  • Pay close attention to your cheekbones as this is an area where hair tends to stray out of place.
  • Shorter stubble grows quicker so requires more touch ups.
  • If you choose to have longer stubble, it will actually stay in shape for longer.

It is interesting to know that some men can sprout hair growth in a matter of 24 hours where others need a week for their hair to grow. So remember boys, keep those beards and that stubble trimmed to keep the appeal of facial hair attractive and clean!


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